Disadvantages of brick homes – all you need to know

Having brick homes might sound all vintage and classic, but it could also be a little complicated. As they say, there is a bad side to all good. So, just like anything, there are many reasons to have a brick home, but at the same time, there are several reasons that suggest not to have one. 

Unlike others, we would not just tell you about all the benefits of a brick house, but we will also make sure that you know the other side of the story. 

The pros and cons of the brick house to help you a better understanding

The good part of brick homes

There could be a few advantages of a brick house, such as initially being lower on the pockets since it does not require you to add the finishing, such as painting or sort of coating after installing the bricks. 

It is eco-friendly because it does not really use any artificial resources but is built on just bricks and clay. Moreover, bricks have the tendency to keep the temperature stable on the inside so that you can have moderate temperature in winters and cooler in summers. 

Disadvantages of brick homes

Since you now have an overview of the good things a brick house has to offer you, we will now shift our focus on the cons, and unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. 

  • More Expensive 

You would think that since it primarily uses only one material, it would be cheaper than the typically built homes; well, that is not the case. In fact, it is way more expensive than that. The reason for this additional cost is the cost of the brick exterior. 

The bigger the house is, the more costly it would be because the greater the number of bricks it uses, the bigger the brick exterior, which eventually increases the cost. Also, a brick house requires more labor power than a customarily built house, which means more labor costs. 

  •  Limited Options 

With a brick house, you don’t really have many options to choose from when it comes to the house’s color scheme. As you know that these bricks are natural, you can’t have a lot of colors, and your ideal range of color would range between browns, greys, and reds. 

Well, you can always paint them but painting a brick wall could be a lot more work because the labor would not have a prime surface but a surface with holes, dents, or cracks. So, they can’t really use the normal painting tools which they use for stick-built homes. 

Painting a brick house requires having special sets of brushes and rollers, and the most significant disadvantage is that this paint will not last any longer than a few months. The owner would have to repaint it a lot more often than you usually do with your stick-built house, which in turn adds a lot of additional costs. 

  • Every Penny Counts

In brick houses, there is the fact that you get exactly what you paid for. While this could be considered as an advantage, this is a huge downside. If you pay less, the quality of the bricks would be compromised, and you might face problems in the future, such as moisture, or it could even be hazardous. 

The better quality you look for, the more price you have to pay for it. So, the better house you want, the more expensive it would be. Moreover, the bigger the house you get considering the quality, the more additional costs for repainting or renovating it, ultimately resulting in higher maintenance costs. 

  • Vulnerable to Damage 

Since these brick houses do not have extra layers of cement, plaster, or anything like in the stick-built homes, the chances of them getting affected by weather are much higher. They could be affected by the rain and develop moisture. 

In addition, sunlight could make them porous, the dry weather could make them dusty, and winter could make them slightly cracked. All in all, you might need to maintain the house in all seasons, and no matter how hard you try, there will still be a chance of damage. 

  • Time Consuming 

Building a brick house could be very time-consuming, and it could take months before you actually get to see your brick home. The reason here is that it requires construction brick by brick, and each brick requires attention and precision. 

The more bricks you add, the more time it will take for your brick house to be ready. All this waiting could really be problematic for some people. And if something goes wrong in between, you cannot even estimate how much more time it will take then. 

Services to keep brick homes

Brick homes might be eye-pleasing, but they are not practical for a regular residential solution. Firstly, the cost of the house and then all the additional costs might prove to be a lot. And then, the vulnerability of damage puts your house always at risk. 

However, if you own a brick house and looking for some service to keep it maintained and that too at reasonable prices, take a look at the packages we provide at Complete Care Home Warranty. We take full responsibility to take care of your homes, and that too at a price that you would like. 

The brick house might not be your ideal choice as a home, but it could be a great investment opportunity as we mentioned that these brick houses are expensive and keep getting expensive with the passage of time. You could buy one and sell it at a higher price in the future. But again, you would need to maintain it, and for that, you know where to go.