Home Warranty Cover HVAC

Does a Home Warranty Cover HVAC

The Nitty-Gritty of the Home Warranty HVAC Coverage


At the outset of the third millennium, mother Earth keeps astonishing us with the changeability and unpredictability of weather conditions that ultimately amount to tectonic climate shifts. A morning may break out chilly and rainy; by lunchtime ,we get a bit of sunshine that turns into a sweltering heat in the afternoon, followed by yet another cold spell with sleet late in the evening. The only thing we can do about such a nuisance is to grin and bear it – or acquire heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC for short) to make our own weather at least inside our homes.

Selecting and installing an air conditioner is quite a bother since you must consider a slew of coal-and-ice factors that determine your choice – from brand and power consumption to the number of functions and the size of the premises it is going to operate in. However, even when the system is set up and launched, your worries aren’t over.

Being an owner of such a big-ticket item, you would like to see it working as long as possible. So such questions as “Does a home warranty cover air conditioning?” or “Will home warranty replace HVAC?” hover in the mind of any thrifty homeowner who doesn’t want to see their money go down the drain. Let’s try to find an answer to them.

HVAC Home Warranty Types

First of all, you must realize that the sentence “does home warranty cover HVAC?” is not a correct question to ask. You should instead inquire, “do home warranties cover HVAC?” as there are two kinds of warranties, in fact.

The equipment warranty covers all issues that are caused by malfunctions of the device’s faulty elements. It happens either through the inadequacy of the component part per se or because of an assemblage flaw. Since both are within the responsibility area of the manufacturer, the company will make amends free of charge. Moreover, if the inoperable constituent is mission-critical for the HVAC, you are eligible for the total home warranty air conditioner replacement.

The labor warranty is extended by the contractor that installs HVAC. Since proper installation is crucial for this demanding equipment’s long and seamless functioning, it is vital to recruit a company with top-notch skills and sufficient experience in the field. Being sure in their first-rate expertise, such contractors typically offer better warranty terms than their less experienced counterparts.

Manufacturer and Labor HVAC Warranty Stipulations

Whatever HVAC brand you will eventually opt for, all of them offer a standard 5-year warranty on their produce. And you can easily double this term by registering the newly bought equipment. So it makes perfect sense to spend a couple of minutes filling out a registration form to enjoy ten years of trouble-free device usage.

Warranty Stipulations

Does this type of home warranty cover air conditioner in its entirety? You bet. Moreover, some units within it can have a longer warranty. This typically refers to the furnace heat exchanger whose warranty period spans 20 years. In contrast, the air conditioning compressor and most other HVAC parts enjoy the boilerplate 10 years of guaranteed free replacement.

The phrase “free replacement” may be quite misleading, though. While extending gratuitous part replacement, some manufacturers can demand a warranty-processing fee charged for handling paperwork involved in the procedure.

How can you know about warranty terms?

  • Peruse the manuals and other documents that come with the equipment when you buy it.
  • Visit the brand’s site. Since most manufacturers usually produce more than one model, you should be aware of your HVAC’s serial number. The latter can be found either in the above-mentioned documents or on the device itself – just check out the rating plate on its casing.
  • Get in touch with the contractor who installed the equipment. These guys are supposed to know a thing or two about contraptions they work with.

While manufacturer warranties are more or less canonical, labor warranties tend to vary considerably. The garden variety promises two years of maintenance that can be greatly extended (up to 10 years as often as not) if you enter a service agreement with the contractor. Once you do, you will be entitled to some additional boons, including inspection, cleaning, air filter replacement, and safety testing.

Being one huge barrel of honey, an HVAC warranty doesn’t come without a spoonful of tar.

What Circumstances Doesn’t an HVAC Warranty Cover?

Calling the contractor to fix your air conditioner that isn’t working, you may discover that you aren’t eligible for free home warranty HVAC replacement – wholesale or piecemeal. What damage isn’t covered by the warranty?

  • Weather- and environment-related damage. Hail, lightning, storms, floods, falling trees are the most frequent natural disasters that harm the part of the HVAC unit located outside the house. It can also go out of order under the adverse impact of corrosive salty or wet air if your house is situated close to the sea or river.
  • As a rule, the manufacturer and labor warranty don’t encompass such emergencies. However, some measures can be taken to offset misfortunes of this kind. First of all, proper installation matters much (like avoiding placement of the condenser close to a downspout). Secondly, you can ensure your home and property against such contingencies. Finally, a surge protector is a must-have to prevent a possible electrical storm impact.
  • Fauna-caused damage. Pets and wild animals can be the reasons for your equipment breaking down. They may chew off wires, build nests in flues, ravage condensate drains to have access to water during a drought, or just accidentally get inside the equipment.
  • Human-caused damage. However aggressive the nature may be, it is people that (albeit inadvertently) represent the greatest threat to the operation of the HVAC system or its elements.

Homeowners may neglect to keep clean the filters that tend to get clogged over time, especially in case they were not protected during home remodeling or refurbishment. Or stingy users may grudge paying professionals and try to replace parts of the system themselves. Having a rather vague idea about both specifics of the components to be substituted and the way it should be done, these would-be mechanics spoil costly equipment and have to invite experts anyway, forking out prodigious sums to redress the havoc they wreaked.

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Summing It up

Like any other piece of modern equipment, HVAC systems are covered by manufacturer and labor warranties that guarantee free replacement of parts for up to 10 years or (for some components) even longer. By employing the services of licensed contractors you will be able to enjoy a comfortable climate in your home no matter what vagaries of weather are raging outside.