Home Warranty Cover Plumbing Leaks

Does a Home Warranty Cover Plumbing Leaks?

Every evening when we return home, we feel sweet and calm. A small studio, a huge apartment with noisy children, or a private house away from the bustle of the city – different housing, but a quiet island for its residents. In all cases, owners are investing a lot of money, effort and time to make their home a cozy and comfortable place. And now, imagine that broken plumbing leaks rush into this ideal world.

Are we dramatizing? Not at all. When it comes to plumbing leaks, people tend to underestimate this aspect. Buying full house insurance, too often we don’t pay attention to what is included and what is not. Unfortunately, this is fraught with such consequences as unplanned repairs and parting with large sums of money. Well, now, if you ask yourself, ‘Does a home warranty cover plumbing on my occasion?’, we are happy to say – yes. With Complete Care Home Warranty, you can be sure.

Usual Home Warranties

Okay, let’s start with how most warranties work and why home warranty plumbing may not be involved in it. So, as a rule, we all have classical homeowner insurance, which normally covers household essentials, like fridges, sinks, washing machines, etc. Also, there is another part of a home warranty which has to cover the so-called “systems” of your house. Plumbing leaks are also related to these systems.

Most often you can find something like heating and air conditioning systems among them. The trick is that not all warranties protect you from all of these issues. Moreover, when you buy a house, warranty agents can offer you only a classical “disaster” insurance, which can be used in case of natural trouble. These are floods or fires, for example. That is why, the question ‘is plumbing covered under home warranty’, should always be asked before the purchase of the house.

Why should plumbing leaks be taken into account?

Plumbing leaks protection is a number one issue, regardless of whether you are buying a completely new house or already used by somebody. Plumbing can wear out from age and old materials, or it can be a commonplace shortcoming in workmanship. It doesn’t really matter which of the options is yours, as it can bring you much discomfort. What you need to know is that, basically, the plumbing system is made of two parts: drain-waist-ventilation line and water supply line.

If we take the first share, waist ventilation, its primary function is to wash garbage away from your house as part of plumbing to the common sewerage. Basically, these drains are made from long-lasting plastic, but even in this case, imagine what would happen if one day the pipe bursts due to an incorrectly calculated angle.

So, you already have the number one reason to check out your home warranty plumbing coverage. Secondly, on the contrary, your water supply line brings clean water to your house and is also under the pressure of specific pockets of air. These pockets regulate the pressure, and if everything was correctly made, reduce the risks of uncontrolled water shooting.

If the problem arose and wasn’t eliminated in time, it is fraught with high humidity in the house and mold.

Does home warranty cover plumbing leaks?

It is evident that a home warranty cover plumbing is an issue of high importance. Therefore, make sure that your contract protects these systems. If not, you can always ask for a Complete Care home warranty, and be sure in your future. If you still have doubts about whether you need this kind of warranty or not, we propose you take a look at some repair tariff numbers.

Generally, plumbing repair will cost you about 2,145$, without any protection. Plus, pay attention that the fee of calling a plumber ranges from 160$ to 430$. Consider also, that the price of different details varies, particularly when it comes to replacing old pipes. As you can see, the question “Is plumbing covered by home warranty or not?” is better to be solved in advance.

Complete Care Home Warranty Coverage Plans

In this way, if you are ready to prevent yourself from life’s turn-ups, CC Home Warranty has prepared distinct plans that will suit every inquiry and budget. There are three types of coverage plans: Systems plan, Appliances plan, and Combo plan. If we talk about plumbing, you should try a Systems plan, which includes many other systems in your house like heating, air conditioning, etc. However, you won’t find any appliance coverage in this set. That is why, usually, we recommend choosing our best value Combo plan. With our Combo plan, you can meet all possible issues with your head-on.

So, do home warranties cover plumbing? With Complete Care Home Warranty, the answer is always – yes! Check our website and experience our best quality service.