plastic on windows help in winter

Does plastic on windows help in winter?

You might think that wrapping up your windows with plastic is just a fake hack that might not even work and make your windows look bad, but in reality, it is a workable solution that can do wonders for you in all seasons. 

As homeowners, we understand that you might have many questions about these plastic wraps, such as does plastic on windows help in summer? Does plastic on windows help in winter? Or does plastic on windows really help at all? 

Well, to answer the first two queries, as we mentioned, is yes. It does work fine in all seasons. And as for the questions that may come to your mind, read till the end, and you will have all your answers. 


Yes, plastic on windows is way more beneficial for your homes than you can think. It can help you with the following two things if installed correctly; 

  • Covers Leaks and Drafts 

Have you ever wondered that you can still feel the cold air even when your windows are closed? While most individuals may think that it’s the temperature making them feel chilly, we have a better explanation. 

There must be some leaks or drafts in your windows that let this air come through and make you and your home cold. This is why plastic wraps on windows are considered highly essential during the winter so that it covers all the possible leaks and drafts that your window might have and let you have a warm home.

  • Low Utility Bills 

Once you have your windows covered adequately with plastic wraps, you can enjoy a warm temperature inside your home, allowing you to reduce heaters’ use. In addition, the lesser you use them, the lower will be your utility bills. 

Hence, these plastic wraps help you save a lot of your money and energy. Who would have thought that such a basic thing could provide such huge benefits, right? 

How Does Plastic on Windows Work?

Plastic wraps for windows work by adding an extra layer to your windows which helps you cover any invisible air gaps and let you enjoy a warmer indoor. You might think that these plastic wraps could be fragile and might get destroyed within a very short time. 

Well, we would not deny it, but only if you have pets or kids in your home. But, if you are an adult who lives alone or with other adults, we are sure you will not play around with these plastic wraps. These might be fragile, but till you deliberately try to destroy them, these do not destroy for themselves. 

Plastic wrapping your windows is the most reasonable way to keep your home warm in winter and dust-free in summer. It helps you in many ways, as when you don’t have leaks on your windows anymore, and your house will be fully covered, it will help you save some money on cleaning and heaters both. 

However, most homeowners get confused when it comes to installing them correctly. Even though it is a simple process and the wraps come with the installation kits and instructions, the fragility of it could be a tough thing to deal with as you have to be very careful with it. 

So, to avoid the problem of wasting plastic wrap in an attempt to apply it, we would suggest you get a professional service to do it for you, and we at Complete Care Home Warranty provide that service with completely taking care of your windows and plastic wraps. Let us do all the work for you!