Coverage for Your Swimming Pool

Get the Right Coverage for Your Swimming Pool

An at-home pool can bring you and your family hours of entertainment over the summer. Once the pool is installed, you may feel like you can finally relax, but not so fast! Have you looked into pool warranties or home warranties with pool coverage? A swimming pool is a significant investment, so you need to make sure you’re covered for any mistake that comes your way. Luckily, pool warranty coverage is pretty straightforward once you know the ins and outs of it.

Why is a Pool Warranty Important?

You most likely already have insurance on many expensive appliances in your home. You want to make sure you’re covered if your refrigerator breaks down or your heat stops running. These are the same reasons why you should buy coverage for your pool.

Pool warranty coverage can cover necessary maintenance over time and more extreme cases, like the filter for your pool breaking down. Even if you are great at maintaining your pool, situations happen that are out of your control. It’s better to be protected with a pool warranty ahead of time. If you have home warranties, they most likely don’t cover the upkeep of your pool. That’s why a pool warranty is necessary for every owner.

Inground Vs. Above Ground Pools

When it comes to inground versus above-ground pools, the rules on pool warranty stay roughly the same. Both are costly investments that are bound to depreciate over time due to natural wear and tear. Both types of pools should be covered with a pool warranty plan. The costs of the warranty may vary but are vital for both nonetheless.

What Does a Pool Warranty Plan Cover?

  • Filter – There are a couple of different ways a pool can be filtered, but it is often through a sand filter. Your warranty should cover the cost of your filter breaking down.
  • Liner – The liner of your pool will break down over time. It may peel or build up gross grime throughout the years you use it. The liner coverage ensures that you are safe from exorbitant costs when updating and maintaining the liner in your pool.
  • Gelcoat – If you have a fiberglass pool, you’ll need a warranty that covers the gelcoat that separates the fiberglass from the water. Vinyl pools don’t have this gelcoat, so you won’t have to worry about this coverage if you don’t have a fiberglass pool.
  • Ladder – Yes, even your ladder in your pool should have a warranty that protects it. Whether your ladder builds rust overtime or breaks down, a pool warranty can make sure you’re insured and prepared for whatever mishap happens.
  • Spa – If you have a hot tub connected or separate from the pool, you’ll need a spa warranty. Many pool warranties cover both pool and spa, but you’ll have to double-check this before you sign off with a company. The spa has different maintenance needs than the pool, which means different warranties.

Bottom line

A home pool can be an exciting investment but don’t go into it blind. Complete Care Home Warranty can help you with a pool coverage warranty that’s right for you as well as any other home warranties you need. Take the care of your home into your own hands. Contact us today at (860) 777-0204 or get in touch through our website.